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June July Everyone around you will feel the direction your energy leans in, though it may be difficult for you to objectively see it. That's why any feedback you get from them is valuable and actionable.

July Aug. When you're with that special someone who delights you, your senses come alive.

Moon of Intuitive Perception

Your mind becomes at once active, open and intentional. Your energy becomes playful. Maybe you're in love! You're too vigilant of a person to accept that life is about sheer enjoyment. However, the small things you do to make your experience just a little bit nicer will increase the pleasure level for you and those around you. The deadline just ahead doesn't scare you in the least; in fact, it has a way of pulling you forward.

You'll work faster than ever and with great clarity of thought.

Your horoscope: January 14

Life experience makes you a better worker, artist and person. Also, there's no substitute — you can't get life experience in a book. Strive to pick up firsthand knowledge wherever you can get it.

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It would be easy to get rattled as Mercury and Uranus polarize to heckle and provoke. Keep your cool It's only going to happen once this year, this rare opposition of Mercury and Uranus, and maybe that Please enable Javascript for the best user experience.

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