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The future historical process to which messianic prophecies allude should involve, according to Abravanel, the end of the Christian and Muslim hegemony. As I shall now explain, the conversos are invested with an important theological-political role in the deployment of the messianic historical process. In the beginning of his exegesis of Deut. These two additions correspond with the messianic and hermeneutical framework established by Abravanel in the later work.

The repetition hints at the two opposed paths that Jews follow while in exile: the erroneous path that removed Jews far from God and the correct path of faithfulness to God. The first [sect] is composed of those who, because of the duration of the exile and the violence of the hardships and persecutions, left the fold of the [Jewish] religion. And the second part or sect is composed of those who follow the law of the Lord. On the second sect of the Jews overtly professing their religion.

Indeed, when both groups practice Judaism in the future, either as an overt religious behavior or as a secret faith of the heart, the messianic return of both parts of Israel to God will occur.

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Whereas for the Jews the messianic return means the end of exile and servitude and the renewed compassion of God, for the conversos it is a process that shall restore their original ethno-religious difference. Indeed, the public conversion of the conversos in messianic times will nullify their social, economic, and political integration in Christian Iberian society—which was the main appealing force of the conversion. The first intention is: they [conversos] should not think that since they must abandon their former gentile behavior to perform the commandments, they also will have to relinquish the property and goods they acquired as gentiles and even the children that they beget with gentile wives.

This shall not be so, since God will keep their children, their cattle, their lands, and all other fruit of their works for their own benefit. And the [sons of Israel] shall not be so. It does not suffice that he shall not forbid you these things; he shall even pour on you a huge quantity of goods, since you are the holy people. A few lines later, he provides an example of the way in which Israel will multiply its riches: [The portion of the verse Deut.

And when [the sons of Israel] sell the merchandise to the foreigners, they will do it in the form of a loan over a long period in order to increase their price. As shown by Ferro Tavares, Don Isaac Abravanel is known to have practiced this form of lending in financing maritime commerce in Portugal. Whereas in Deut.

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In addition to the providential prosperity that God shall bring to his people, as evoked in Deut. In messianic times the conversos will save their souls without losing their material goods.

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Their pious behavior and their prosperity will both be signs of the redemption. The theological and historical view developed by Abravanel in the commentary on Deut. Abravanel concludes his messianic vision based on Deut. This version from does not document the intention of the Marranos; rather, it outlines in what sense conversion was an inherent part of exile for Abravanel.

I will reign over you with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm and with outpoured wrath. Yet human conversion is not efficient to terminate the divine belonging of the converts and for this reason remains temporary until the time of redemption. Moreover, the conversions of the conversos become a sign of election for the Jews who did not convert. For Don Isaac this expression alludes to the period of expulsions in which he composed Mashmia yeshua. I will take them out of the countries where they sojourn, but they shall not enter the Land of Israel.

In the previously analyzed passage on Deut. Tellingly, those are the years in which Abravanel wrote the second version of his interpretation of Ezekiel —39, this time not as a part of a messianic work like Mashmia yeshua but within the framework of a complete commentary on the book of Ezekiel. Netanyahu correctly points out that the second version contains a clear allusion to the date of its writing. Indeed, according to Netanyahu, the return of the conversos was not the fruit of a secret religious fidelity but rather the result of a political and historical determinism linked to the fact that the Inquisition perceived and persecuted the conversos as Jews.

The theological and cosmological explanation of the impossibility of conversion and of the necessary return of the convert can be found, in my view, in Ateret zekenim, written in the s. As the head librarian in Holton, she was satisfied with her life and her appearance.

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He lived in a completely different world, but she wanted him more than she had ever wanted any other man. Paul Hart was handsome, rich, and successful. As the owner of a thriving business, he was happy with short-term relationships and jaded women. Paul had been betrayed too many times to trust a woman, but Rachel intrigued him. Could he learn to trust her? Trust Me is the third book in the Holton Series but may be read as a standalone novel. Click Here to view the entire series.

From award-winning actor and playwright Ken Richters comes this original, irreverent, and funny travel memoir of his month-long U. Amy Denise has always loved writing, and has on several occasions found it to be the only way to successfully express her thoughts. Years of struggles, hardships, and a growing need to tell her tale have brought about her first book, A Woman So Small. A second book will follow the first; continuing the story that has been her life. She is currently living in Georgia with her husband of 18 years, and their twelve year old son.

Amy is the author of a personal family memoir and journey of understanding and forgiveness. Readers will discover the potential and value of revisiting painful experiences to emerge with renewed healing. It is in this healing and forgiveness that invaluable relationships can be repaired and recovered.

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Buddy and Darlene find each other as teenagers, quickly fall in love and start their fairy tale life together. Love, promises, devotion….. Ofer Cohen.

Umpteen books have come out, explaining this popular theme, but most books about dream interpretations are a guide or listing of basic meanings, theories and symbols that appear in our dreams. DREAMS, is an insightful book that will unfold the mysteries of this ever-so intriguing concept, like never before. The book is an insight to the unconscious mind, as well as, an exclusive, educative and fun reference guide that will tell us everything we need to understand about our dreams and our innermost self. After years of guiding people, foretelling their future and decoding their dreams, Tarot Expert Astrologer and Author, of the famous healing poem, The Light, Ofer Cohen, compiles his undisclosed interpretations of dreams that have been handed over to him by generations by his Oracle and the age-old-teachings of the Holy Cabala.